Rules and Regulations...
1. Students must speak only in English inside the school premises, which would enable them to gain good command over spoken English.
2. During the working hours, order and silence are to be maintained while moving around the premises,. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.
3 .If the Principal observes during the school-session, that a particular child is medically not fit to attend the school, he reserves the right to send the child back home.
4. The school does not accept any responsibilty, whatsoever, for any accident that may happen before or after the school hours, or any other occasions.
5. The regular attendance of the child in the classes is obligatory. In case of absence, the submission of leave of absence is necessary.
6. As per the C.B.S.E rules, a minimum of 75% attendance is a must. Less than 75% attendance will entail disqualification to appear for C.B.S.E Board Examinations.
7. If a pupil is absent for 15 days without leave, his/her name will be removed from the class roll. The usual readmission fee(SR 50/-) will be charged if he/she is to be readmitted.
8. The School shall not be held responsible for books, money, clothes or other articles that are lost.
9.The students who lose their Report Cards are required to pay a penalty of SR10/- for a duplicate copy.
10. Students are not allowed to enter a classroom that does not belong to them or to remain in the classroom during the Physical Education period.
11.Students are forebiden to give their teachers individual or collective presents.
12. Students are not allowed to take private tuitions, paid or unpaid, from their subject teachers as well as other teachers without the permission of the school authorities.
13. Books borrowed from the library should be returned on due date, or replaced if lost
14.All the students should have the full awareness of personal hygiene.
  • It is desirable as well as obligatory that the students observe the various clauses of the CODE OF CONDUCT both in letter and in spirit.
  • The Code of Conduct , with its various clauses is being given below.
Clause :1
Property of School Dress
Students must come to school in their proper uniform, and must look prim and proper at all times. In case a child, on a certain day, comes to school, in his/her colour -dress , he/she should bring to school a letter from his/her parents explaining the reason thereof. New students, however , are exempted from this rule only for seven days. A child found improperly dressed will be issued a letter of caution(LOC/SD), which he/she must get it signed by his/her parents.
Clause :2
Dress Code
  1. The dress code will be followed during the school hours as well as at all school events.

  2. Sweaters and Jackets worn in winter must be navy blue in colour without any design/pattern. (Classes other than IX to XII)

  3. Students of IX to XII must wear navy blue blazer.

  4. Only black colour belt for the Boys will be permitted. The buckle of the belt should be simple.

  5. Girls with long hair should plait it. Ribbons or hair bands if used must be white/blue.

  6. Make – up of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  7. Hats, Caps, Sweat bands and sun glasses will not be worn in the school campus.

  8. Wearing of jeans is strictly prohibited.

  9. Use of jewellery or hair raising jelly, which becomes a nuisance or attracts undue attention in a study situation will not be permitted

Clause :3
Regularity & Punctuality

Students are expected to reach the school on time & to be regular in their attendance. Tardiness in arrival at school will invite the issuance of a letter-of-caution (LOC/R&P) to the child, which he/she will get it signed by his/her parents.


Classroom Attendance must not be less than 75% of the total number of classes conducted during the school-year. A child may be debarred from writing the End-of-Term/Final Examination if his/her attendance falls short of 75%. Travel-leave/Medical leave for not more than 30 days in a school-year must be sanctioned by the Principal in advance. 

Clause :4
Truancy & Escapades

No student can leave the school-premises, for whatever reason, without a written note from the  Principal/ Vice Principal. Any escapades to the extra-mural areas of the school will be punishable with a Letter-of-Caution (L.O.C / T&E) followed by debarring from school for 3 to 7 days.

Clause :5
Rudness & Discourtesy

Any rude behaviour in the form of foul language, slang, violent and aggressive behaviour will entail a punishment for 3 to 7 days debarment or dismissal depending upon the gravity of the misbehaviour.

Clause :6
Vandalism & destruction of School Property

The School expects the students to have a sense of belonging to the school. Hence, any act of vandalism and/or destruction of the school-property will have to be made good by the parents of the offending student(s).

Clause :7
Possession of Objectionable Materials

The students are not supposed to bring objectionable materials like cassettes, walkman,CD’s, Video cassettes, DVD, Fire crackers, objectionable  literature and cell phones to school. The students possessing such materials will be suspended/ expelled depending on the nature of the objectionable material.  All the items mentioned under this clause will be confiscated.

Clause :8
Discipline - Class

The respective class teachers will explain to the students the specific procedure and regulations during the home – room periods. Students must understand their meaning and purpose and abide by them. In particular the students are expected to:

  1. Speak only English in class and in the school campus.
  2. Attend the classes on time and be quietly seated at the starting bell.
  3. Respect the rights of others and do not disturb or interrupt the class.
  4. Respect and co-operate with teachers and other students.
  5. Be attentive in the class and work quietly during the class and follow the instructions of the teachers.
  6. Always obtain teacher's permission before asking any questions, talking to other students or moving within the class room.
  7. Not to go out of the class in the absence of the teacher or at the end of a period. Not to run, shout or push others while moving in the corridors or getting up and down the stairs.
  8. Put the chairs in place before leaving the class room and check the cleanliness of the table and the area around.
Clause :9
Transport Code
  1. Transport facilities are provided for the convenience of the students although it is not an obligatory service of the school.

  2. Those who wish to avail of the bus facility will have to apply in the prescribed form available in the office.

  3. Buses will be available only on the routes and at the stops fixed by the school at the beginning of the academic year. However, the school reserves the right to make any changes if found inevitable.

  4. Students traveling by the school bus should compulsorily be in proper school uniform.

  5. Students must report at the scheduled pick up stop 5 minutes before the fixed time.

  6. Students must travel only by the bus allocated.

  7. Bus facility will be cancelled for those who damage any bus fittings or indulge in any act of misbehaviour / indiscipline in the bus.

  8. Eating or drinking in the bus is strictly prohibited.

  9. Application for withdrawal of the bus facility should be made one month in advance, failing which the bus fee will have to be paid.

  10. Children proceeding on leave will also have to pay the bus fee along with the tuition fee for the period of leave.

Breach of School rules/norms and / or misbehavior will be seriously viewed and recorded. Case of recurrence of such acts of indiscipline of serious nature will lead to suspension. In spite of it, if a student does not take to correction and indulges in repeated acts of indiscipline, he or she is liable to be expelled from the school.
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