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In order to give the child enough opportunity for the harmonious development of their personality, a number of co-curricular activities are introduced in the general scheme of studies. These include:
Literary Activities
In order to provide training in the social art of communicating ideas, fully clearly and effectively, public speaking and formal debating are conducted several times in a year. The wall magazines and annual school magazine serve as the media for written expression.
Educational Trips/ Guest Lectures
Children are taken out on trips to places of interest. Experts in various fields such as Science, Technology and Medicine are invited to deliver lectures in order to keep the children familiar with the latest developments.
Arts/ Science Exhibition
The Creative skills of the children are backed up by their academic knowledge, find expression in their products which are later displayed during the annual exhibition.
Dramatics and Cultuarl Activities
The dramatics and cultural activities of the school culminate in the colourful display of talent on the occasion of the annual day, the fancy dress competition, children's day and the like.  To facilitate healthy competition, cooperation and team spirit among the children, the students of the entire school are divided into four houses. Most of the competitions are conducted on Inter House Basis. Children are also given opportunity to take part in the Inter School Competitions wherever possible.
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