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Disciplinary training and development of skills in sports or games are also organised on a regular basis within the facility available.

Coaching in Games

Special Coaching in sports and games is provided for all the students in the school after the school hours in the evening from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. While no fee is charged from the students for this activity by the school the required material and transportation has to be arranged by the interested students themselves for these coaching sessions.


First time in the history of International Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, International Indian School, Riyadh won 'goldmedal' in the 12th CBSE National Athletic Meet held from 4th January to 8th January 2008 at Maharajah's College Ground in Kerala at Kochi.  13 Boys and 11 girls were qualified to participate in the National Meet.

The boys represented the school escorted by Mr. Mohd. Wasique, the Coach and the Team Manager, Mr. Syed Ali and Mrs. Padmini. U. Nair.  The team was given a warm welcome at the Airport by the Chairman, Mr. Talib Al Rehman and the Principal & H.O.I, Mr. Manzar Jamal Siddiqui.

Mohammad Nasim of class XII, the Captain of the school team, Ayoob of class XII, the Vice Captain, Syed Maaz Ali of class XI and Ahmed Mohammed Barjis of class XI made the school proud by winning the much coveted gold medal in the 4 x 100 metres Relay race.  The other feathers in the crown include Mohammed Hisham 5th Position in 400 metre running and Mohammed Yahya's 6th position in the 4x400 metres Relay, Uzayr Abdullah Abdusamad Siddiqui's  6th position in the 400 metres Race and Saad Omer Mirza's 6th position in the 4 x 400 metres Relay Race and participation in the 800 metres and 1500 metres race.

About 2500 athletes from 250 schools participated in the meet of which 11 clusters were from India and 5 were from the Gulf.

The credit for this unprecedented victory also goes to the parents, staff, students, Chairman and Members of the Managing Committee, the dedicated coaches - Mr. Mohd. Wasique, Mr. Syed Ali, Mr. Mohd. Sirajuddin and  Mr. Khan Ashfaq Ali, and the Principal & H.O.I. Mr. Manzar Jamal Siddiqui who is ever willing to give his whole-hearted support to boost the morale of the students in every possible manner.

Winners of open Table Tennis tournament 2010-2011


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